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Barefoot Yoga is Australia’s first donation-based yoga studio.
This down to Earth approach makes yoga accessible to all people.
We teach vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. Our studio has a warm and friendly vibe. There are no memberships or passes. The suggested donation is $10 - $20.

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About Barefoot Yoga

Amazing Teachers. Diverse Classes.

Amazing Teachers. Diverse Classes

We've invited some of Sydney's best yoga teachers from all styles to host classes in our space. That means you can enjoy a diversity of classes and teaching styles in one place.

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Yoga by Donation is good karma

Yoga by Donation is good karma

Yoga's earliest beginnings come from the act of giving. Yoga is getting expensive and exclusive. People are missing out on all the benefits yoga can bring. That's why Barefoot Yoga came to life...

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Yoga for Everybody

Removing the obstacles.
Yoga for Everybody

We love yoga and believe everybody can benefit from a regular yoga practice. But there are many obstacles in the way that stop people from coming. Yoga has become very expensive and it still has the mystique of exclusivity. We want to break down these barriers and offer yoga that is not only high quality but affordable.

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Meet Crawf, founder of Barefoot Yoga

Meet Crawf, founder of Barefoot Yoga

Our mission is to create a community environment where everyone feels welcome and has permission to give according to their ability. By operating a donation-based studio, we are cultivating a culture of abundance and gratitude.

"If we offer yoga honestly and with kindness without any expectations - this will have a transformational effect on peoples' lives."

- Crawf Weir, Founder Barefoot Yoga

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Benefits of yoga

  • A calmer, more peaceful mind
  • Improved flexibility
  • Happier mood
  • Reduced back pain
  • Help with weight loss
  • Increases athletic ability
  • Creates energy and vitality
  • Improves sleep
  • Cultivates poise and grace


  • Lauren

    I think the donation based studio is very honourable and love that there is that trust for the students and a sense of community. The studio itself is warm has character and The teacher was lovely, very welcoming and accommodating. Great class and great teaching style.

    - Lauren

  • Christine

    A studio that is truly coming from the heart with donation based classes making yoga accessible to all. 
    I love the ambiance of the space, the simple decor and solid inner city feel. 
    And it is a relatively easy to get to location for me on public transport.

    - Christine

  • Mariela

    About the location it is a simple place full of beautiful energy! 
    I like that you have yoga mats and things to clean them after classes. 
    I love that you can pay with donation, because maybe there are people who can not afford expensive classes.

    - Mariela

  • Auriele

    the philosophy (pay-what-you-can principle), the great flexibility in timetable, the good location and of course the very friendly professors!

    - Auriele

  • Julia

    The small class sizes mean there can be individual attention from the instructor, which assists me to improve at my practice. The payment system is also a very apprecaited aspect of the class, having come from other yoga centres where the cost makes it unaffordable for me. The knowledge, skill and teaching of the instructors is also top-notch. I like that the instructor knows me by name, a personal touch is a rare commodity these days!

    - Julia

  • Melinda

    I like that the instructors are all experienced and very helpful with postures and I enjoy practicing in a relaxed an unpretentious environment. Thank you

    - Melinda

  • Felicity

    the smell, the vibe, the location, the casualness, the donation policy, not needing to sign up for months, the teachers, the music, the varying level of classes, mostly i love power yoga. i've already recommended to many friends.

    - Felicity

  • Kate

    I think what each person seeks & likes from their yoga class is obviously varied but I've tried most of the yoga offerings in the city, the fitness first gyms and within a 15km radius to Paddington & Barefoot classes stand out a mile - for the atmosphere of the studio (inviting, calm, pleasant smelling, not overcrowded), the manner of the instructor, the instruction (clear, unintimidating, encouraging, knowledgable), challenge & sequencing. I always walk away feeling like I've experienced the best class I could have. Sometimes I leave other classes & feel 'unfulfilled'. I consistently recommend Barefoot to practising & new people I talk with because I almost feel like they're missing out otherwise if they don't go.

    - Kate

  • Damian

    It's calm and laid back. It had no commercial over load about it. I feel real peaceful there

    - Damian

  • Lauren

    welcoming, encouraging, engaging. felt great after the session and learnt alot.

    - Lauren

How to find us

Entrance of Barefoot Yoga

Entrance is from Verona St, Paddington (just off Oxford st, by the Verona cinema)   ·   The best place to park (2P) is on Oxford St and Greens Rd (bordering the Barracks)   ·   Buses from the city stop on Oxford St, in front of Verona Cinema (get public transport directions)   ·   Closest train station is Kings Cross, around 10 mins walk (walking directions)