About the Studio

About the Studio

About the Studio

Young or old, weak or strong, come as you are – everybody’s welcome.

Barefoot Yoga Surry HillsBarefoot Yoga is a down-to-earth yoga studio in the heart of Sydney’s Paddington. Our mission is to hold a sacred space where people can let go of limiting self-beliefs, listen to their hearts and be true to themselves.

We believe yoga should be accessible to all and inspire people to bring more mindfulness into their lives.

Your first visit to the studio

If you’re completely new to yoga, then check out our New Yoga Students for what to expect and consider joining one of our regular Beginners Yoga workshops.

Our 30-day Intro Pass offers is the best value – offering unlimited yoga. Click here to find out more.

The history of our studio space

Our studio space has a long and interesting history – it’s been used continuously as a yoga studio since 1996.

Robert Bleakley, owner of the Verona building where the Verona cinemas are housed, built the studio for his then-guru, Shandor Remete, creator of Shadow Yoga. But Shandor never took up this generous gift, leaving Australia to teach in Europe.

The studio instead opened in 1996 as Ashtanga Yoga Moves under the leadership of Eileen Hall, one of Australia’s most well-regarded yoga teachers.

In 1998 and 2000, Ashtanga Yoga gurus Patabhi Jois and Sharath Jois taught here, before the studio became Ashtanga Yoga Space in 2005, under Fiona Parker.

In November 2012, Crawf Weir established Barefoot Yoga here, as Australia’s first donation-based yoga studio. Crawf’s drive is to make the practice of yoga accessible and available to all. Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from our donation classes and the studio has become an important part of Australia’s yoga community.

In January 2017, the studio evolved again, moving from donation-based to a more conventional membership model, which will make the business more sustainable and encourage our students to practice more often.

Our intention is stay true to our approach of offering honest, down-to-earth yoga that anybody feels welcome to attend, at affordable membership pricing that encourages a regular practice.

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About Us

Barefoot Yoga is a down-to-earth yoga studio in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, next to the Palace Verona Cinemas. We believe that you don’t need to be bendy, skinny or good looking to practice yoga! Young or old, weak or strong, come as you are – everybody’s welcome.

Down to earth. Relaxed.
Grounding. The words that are said about life.
Stuart H.
The teachers, the environment, the energy, the vibe, the flow
Jessica D.
The welcoming attitude of all the teachers and those that regularly attend class.
Julie G.
Yoga classes that are small enough for personal attention, a constant physical challenge yet with a lightness and fun that belies it’s depth – thank you!
Valerie H.

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