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Barefoot Yoga Surry Hills

Barefoot is not just a name. It is our mission. In an era when yoga has become a tool for physical optimisation, where the aim is more often the social media post than inner achievement, Barefoot provides a space to return to the foundation of the practice.  

Going barefoot is about reconnecting –  feeling our way, being curious and adventurous while being mindful of who we are and the world around us. 

At Barefoot, we want the studio to be a space for everyone to come and reconnect –  somewhere down to earth, authentic and friendly. Our intention is to hold a sacred space where people can be more mindful, let go of limiting self-beliefs, listen to their hearts and be true to themselves.

Yoga in its simplest form presents a system and structure to get comfortable not just with your body, but also your mind: as it is right now and on your worst day, as well as during your best week. It helps you decompress and it helps you find focus.   

That’s why we make our class experiences unique, blending physical instruction with mindfulness and a bit of humour, and ending every session with a meditation. When the physical gets difficult, as it will, mental strength helps. When the mental strength is challenged, as can be in yin yoga, focusing on the physical often restores the calm.  


Barefoot aims to teach yoga in a way that recognises this fundamental use as a tool for integrating mind and body to help anyone, no matter how broken or how fit, hit that sweet spot of feeling strong, satisfied, rested and engaged.


The history of our studio space


Our studio space has a long and interesting history – it’s been used continuously as a yoga studio since 1996, as AshtangaYoga Moves under the leadership of Eileen Hall, one of Australia’s most well-regarded yoga teachers.

In 1998 and 2000, Ashtanga Yoga gurus Patabhi Jois and Sharath Jois taught here, before the studio became Ashtanga Yoga Space in 2005, under Fiona Parker.

In November 2012, Crawf Weir established Barefoot Yoga here, as Australia’s first donation-based yoga studio. Crawf’s drive is to make the practice of yoga accessible and available to all. Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from our donation classes and the studio has become an important part of Australia’s yoga community.

In January 2017, the studio evolved again, moving from donation-based to a more conventional membership model, which will make the business more sustainable and encourage our students to practice more often.

Our intention is stay true to our approach of offering honest, down-to-earth yoga that anybody feels welcome to attend.

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