About Crawf Weir

Crawf first tried yoga after struggling with chronic back pain for several years. Having already tried every kind of therapy, he decided to go to a yoga class.

Crawf Weir yogaLittle did he know, yoga was about to completely change his life. After two years of daily yoga practice, his back pain disappeared, he was 15 kilos lighter, and far happier.

Crawf decided to follow his passion and quit his corporate job to become a yoga teacher. He completed his first yoga teacher training in 2008 and began teaching in studios and gyms around Sydney after that.

Two years later, he spent a month practicing at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California. He loved Bryan’s ‘yoga by donation’ model and was inspired to bring this to Australia. Arriving home, he started looking for a studio place and, in the meantime, became ‘the barefoot busker’ – teaching yoga classes in parks and dance studios in the eastern suburbs with an upturned hat to collect donations.

In 2012, he was walking along Oxford Street in Paddington with his faithful dog Murphy when decided to check out the Ashtanga studio up Verona Street. He fell in love with the place at first sight, ringing the real estate agent on the spot. Two months later, the doors to Barefoot Yoga opened. The studio has since evolved into a wonderful community of friendly, down-to-earth, community-oriented yoga lovers.

Fun facts about Crawf

Crawf grew up in a beautiful town called Ilkley in Yorkshire, Northern England. He started work at 16 in the graphics industry and went on to have a successful career in management. Following the sale of the family business he took the opportunity to spread his wings and moved to Sydney, Australia, shortly thereafter becoming a permanent resident.

Crawf is frequently accompanied by his lovely dog Murphy, an easy going Staffy-cross rescue dog, who you may well see around the studio.

Expertise and experience

Crawf has clocked up more than 1000 hours of teacher training since beginning in 2008, with Bryan Kest, Maty Ezraty, Les Leventhal and many other world class teachers. Always learning, Crawf is currently completing a further 500 hours of training with Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute. Most recently he did 100 hours of Yin Yoga and Anatomy training with Paul Grilley.

Crawf’s classes are a unique blend of strength and softness, both challenging and fun. He practises Vipassana meditation daily and helps students bring the mindfulness of meditation into their daily lives.

In addition to his classes at Barefoot Yoga, Crawf teaches ‘Sunrise on the Steps’ – a series of public yoga classes on the forecourt of Sydney Opera House – which happen in the warmer months.

Crawf is available for private and group classes by request.

Barefoot Yoga


About Us

Barefoot Yoga is a down-to-earth yoga studio in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, next to the Palace Verona Cinemas. We believe that you don’t need to be bendy, skinny or good looking to practice yoga! Young or old, weak or strong, come as you are – everybody’s welcome.

Down to earth. Relaxed.
Grounding. The words that are said about life.
Stuart H.
The teachers, the environment, the energy, the vibe, the flow
Jessica D.
The welcoming attitude of all the teachers and those that regularly attend class.
Julie G.
Yoga classes that are small enough for personal attention, a constant physical challenge yet with a lightness and fun that belies it’s depth – thank you!
Valerie H.

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