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Beginners Yoga Classes in Sydney


We were all beginners once and love seeing students who are completely new to yoga at our friendly and welcoming studio.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Please book online to secure your place.
  • We recommend you buy a 14-day Introductory Pass for $39 to get best value from our studio.
  • Wear light fitting clothing, like shorts and a t-shirt
  • Don’t eat a big meal 2-3 hours before class.
  • Ensure you’ve drunk enough water before you attend class.
  • Arrive 10 -15 minutes before class starts.
  • Introduce yourself to the yoga teacher so that we know a bit about you and can explain what we do.
  • Let us know if you have an illness, injury or medical condition before the class begins.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat and towel, or you can rent a mat from us for $2.
  • Be prepared to work hard and sweat!
  • Relax, smile and talk to your fellow students.

beginners yoga sydneyThe hardest part of class is actually showing up to class. Going to yoga for the first time can be intimidating but there is really nothing to worry about. There is no problem with resting or skipping a few postures if you need to. In fact, our teachers will encourage you to do that if you’re injured, pregnant or new to practice. Take it easy in your first few classes. You don’t need to make up for decades of no yoga all in one session!

Our warm and friendly teachers will look after you, ensuring you learn safely and guiding you into the best alignment for your body. Everybody has different height, weight and emotional states. We don’t expect everybody to do the same thing exactly and nor should you!

Please be sure to arrive a little early to class if you’re new to yoga and share with the teacher any injuries or issues you have.

We have mats and other equipment, though you are welcome to bring your own mat and towel if you wish. You can also bring a water bottle. Leave your shoes at the door and enjoy a little quiet time sitting or lying on your mat before class commences.

Be warned – once you start on this journey things will change! Expect to feel a slowing down of thoughts, heightened awareness of your body and how it connects with your mind, and a subtle and enduring peacefulness. With regular practice you will start to notice many positive changes in all kinds of aspects of your life!

We will do our best to look after you in regular classes, however we highly recommend that you first enrol in one of our monthly Beginners yoga workshops.

It’s also a good idea to come to the foundations class and learn the basics so you feel more confident attending other classes.

What to wear to yoga

Comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in is best for practicing yoga. You don’t need to wear lycra or buy a special outfit. Just wear what’s comfortable.

Avoid wearing jeans or belts as they constrict your movement and leave your shoes on the shoe rack at the top of the stairs.

beginners yoga workshopWhat you need to bring to yoga

We supply everything you need for yoga, including mats ($2 mat hire) and other props. If you’d like to bring your own mat, you’re more than welcome, and if you’re a member, you’re welcome to leave your mat in our designated mat shelves.

Yoga after injury

Always make sure you’ve spoken with your GP and gotten their go-ahead before coming to yoga. Let your teacher know before class starts about the particulars of your injury. They’ll be able to give you modified poses, where relevant, to help you grow stronger and not aggravate your injury.

Ultimately, your body knows best, so listen closely to how your body feels in the poses and remember to work gently and consistently as you recover.

Do I need to book?

We recommend that you book ahead. Click here to view our timetable and sign up for a class. 

Which class is best class for me?

Our Hatha and Yin classes are also suitable for beginners and all levels of practitioners. See class descriptions for a more detailed explanation.

About Us

Barefoot Yoga is a down-to-earth yoga studio in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, next to the Palace Verona Cinemas. We believe that you don’t need to be bendy, skinny or good looking to practice yoga! Young or old, weak or strong, come as you are – everybody’s welcome.

Down to earth. Relaxed.
Grounding. The words that are said about life.
Stuart H.
The teachers, the environment, the energy, the vibe, the flow
Jessica D.
The welcoming attitude of all the teachers and those that regularly attend class.
Julie G.
Yoga classes that are small enough for personal attention, a constant physical challenge yet with a lightness and fun that belies it’s depth – thank you!
Valerie H.

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