revolved cresent lungeBy Blair Hughes

This is a phenomenal pose yet very challenging to execute correctly, so I highly recommend modifying.

Essential cues;

Press back leg sitting bone back towards heel, with the back heel high and leg fully straight.

Then press front sitting bone inn towards the mid line (Towards other Sitting bone).

As you press sitting bone in towards middle line you will feel the front knee press out, counter that by pressing the revolving elbow back into knee.

The reason I cue this way is because when we twist we very often rotate our upper body and the pelvis ends up twisted which will aggravate your Sacral Iliac Joint, so its always good to anchor the pelvis and feet first.

From here it’s all about your breath.. Lengthen spine on the inhalation (always) then press feet down and rotate on the exhalation breath for 5 full and complete breaths.


Drop back knee to floor.

Keep elbows wide and hands together

Hand to block on inside

Deepen Pose;

Open arms

Arm Bound

Back foot Flat 40deg (Advanced only)

Key Muscle;


Hip Flexers

Glutes (Buttocks)

Spinal column erectors


Always enter into this pose gently and build from the ground up, yet once fully in pose and if it feels good then give it full power…

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