About Barefoot Yoga Teachers

We’re proud to host some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers here at Barefoot Yoga Paddington.

All our teachers are highly qualified and will take good care of you.

Kelsey Hendrickson

Christie Bosworth

Sarah Moore

Kate Dambach Yoga

Emmie Rae

Emmie Rae

Tammy Shemesh

Tammy Shamesh

Sarah Hill

caitanya ballabhadas

Crawf Weir

Reiku Morello

Phoebe Jones

Annabel Igoe

Mel Rosina

Amy Guiliano

Ange Jessup

Cristina Arango

Ange Jessup

About Us

Barefoot Yoga is a down-to-earth yoga studio in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, next to the Palace Verona Cinemas. We believe that you don’t need to be bendy, skinny or good looking to practice yoga! Young or old, weak or strong, come as you are – everybody’s welcome.

Down to earth. Relaxed.
Grounding. The words that are said about life.
Stuart H.
The teachers, the environment, the energy, the vibe, the flow
Jessica D.
The welcoming attitude of all the teachers and those that regularly attend class.
Julie G.
Yoga classes that are small enough for personal attention, a constant physical challenge yet with a lightness and fun that belies it’s depth – thank you!
Valerie H.

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