Sarah Moore

Sarah has been teaching for more than 10 years.  She teaches with a passion for alignment and focus in all styles of classes from pre and postnatal yoga to vinyasa flow and restorative yoga.

Sarah has developed a more fluid and free practice. After such a strong and structured practice in Ashtangha yoga this has given her more freedom to feel and align with grace.  She delivers an energetically powerful class for students who want to move from rigidity to grace.

Sarah loves to ‘see’ her students in motion from arrival to end.  Delivering a class that aligns to each individual, encouraging the student to see himself or herself in motion so that they can connect to their inner feelings, learn about themselves in a way that enables growth, to feel refreshed, inquisitive and always present. Her main focus in class is to maintain a clear sense of awareness.

In this way her classes are creative and different.

Sarah has been inspired and trained by teachers from around the world; Tara Judelle, Shiva Ria, Noah maze, Annie Carpenter as well as training with Nicole Walsh and Nature Care College in an advance teacher training 10 years ago.

All her training courses have influenced her teaching, but ultimately Sarah teaches from her own practice.

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