extended triangle poseby Blair Hughes

Triangle pose possibly thee single most important standing yoga pose we could practice daily and in saying that it is possibly one of the most complex to execute correctly.

There are many debates about how to perform this pose correctly, but today I will share how I feel it in my own body and in class what I see in your body when teaching it to you.

Apart from lengthening and opening the backs of our legs, buttocks and torso we are also looking to activate and strengthen our quadriceps and joints. For me activation is more important to find first than the stretch. As it keeps our joints safe and also builds heat (Tapas) in our body which purifies and cleanses the blood.

Alignment varies person to person day to day. Yet there are some important alignment points and cues.

> First extend feet and arms until ankles are directly below your wrist joints. This is optimal but remember we are all different!
> Turn back foot to 2 o’clock and front foot 12 o’clock.
> Hips will move back as you reach front arm forward. As you drop the lower hand down to a block or the floor your back hip will roll down a little.
> From here Press both sitting bones towards heels and feel your legs and quadriceps fire, This is Important yet most people don’t do this.
> From here reach upper hand to sky and peel front of back hip up and counter this with spinning back inner thigh back. This is tricky but keep practising it because it will transform the pose for you.
> Front thigh spins out and front sitting bone will draw under.
> Reach fingers away from each other press shoulder blades onto ribcage and draw down and towards each other.

Now you’re in the pose..
As you breathe inn lengthen the spine… as you breathe out press your sitting bone down towards heels keeping toes relaxed and four points of feet pressing firmly down into the earth.
Hold for at least 5 full breaths if not longer.

Remember once in the pose let go and experience it fully, this is actually as important as the alignment if not more important.
Open your ears and listen to your breath, soften your eyes and steady you gaze, feel the experience and experience the feeling.
Now if you get that last bit right you’re practising yoga.

As Always Love Deeply, Shine Brightly


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