By Tammy Shamesh

Tree poseTree pose is a great posture to improve balance, strengthen the legs, and improve concentration. But what I love most about this posture is that we can feel a little wobble or lose our balance and we are given the chance to observe our balance without judgement. We may sometimes fall, but falling is how we learn and grow. Falling is part of the experience.

Here are 5 Steps to Tree Pose:

1. Stand in Tadasana, ground, broaden and lengthen your feet, and lengthen your legs and spine..

2. Bend one leg and bring the sole of that foot below or above the knee.

3. Find a focus a few feet in front of you, either on the floor or straight ahead.

4. Either bring hands together in prayer in front of your chest or raise them above your head.

Another option is to keep your toes on the floor and just place the heel above your ankle. After a few breaths change

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